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SECONDS London Wish You Were Here Gold-Plated Enamel Pin

SECONDS London Wish You Were Here Gold-Plated Enamel Pin

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These pins are seconds because they contain marks on either the enamel or the gold plating. These pins will not come with a backing board but will be wrapped in a clear pouch for protection during transit. Please see photographs for details.

Choose between B grade and D grade. B grade pins may have a teeny, tiny mark on them somewhere but is largely unnoticeable. D grade pins have big marks on them which are very noticeable but are hugely discounted.

Drift away to the dreamy city of London with this gold-plated, hard-enamel pin by CoconuTacha. Inspired by city lights, hustle and bustle and gorgeous architecture; is there anywhere prettier than London city? The pin features iconic London buildings and monuments from the London Eye, Big Ben, the Shard, London Bridge and the Gherkin - all under a starlit sky with twinkling stars and a crescent moon.

We also have Paris, New York and Tokyo pins available in this collection. You can check them out here!

Pin: 30mm height

Your pin will be snugly wrapped in bio-degradable tissue and sealed in a small cardboard box which fits perfectly through the letterbox.

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