Holographic Vinyl Stickers with StickerMarket

Holographic Vinyl Stickers with StickerMarket

Recently, StickerMarket kindly reached out to me to collaborate and get some stickers made. I've never outsourced stickers before, as I've always made them in my studio. However, lately I'm choosing to outsource more to save myself time so that I can do more of what I do best - designing (and thriving 😉)!

I was able to create a brand new design and could choose from a bunch of different options on their website, from vinyl to bumper stickers, silver foil to transparent stickers, die-cut or kiss-cut etc. I chose to get some holographic stickers made. And so I got to work on the design...

And here is the final result! StickerMarket had such a fast turnaround and were so helpful with the design and file type needed from start to finish. The quality is impeccable, I'm super happy, and the colours are so vibrant and change colour depending on the lighting and angle. I love them! What do you think?

StickerMarket were kind enough to send me a small bunch of these, along with a sample pack of their other types of stickers and boards. Take a look for yourself here:

As you can see, there's a wide range of high-quality materials to choose from. I'm super impressed and will be using StickerMarket again to save me time and deliver exceptional results. Want your own designing and thriving sticker? You can purchase yours here!


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