Manifesting your Dreams

Manifesting your Dreams

Manifesting. We've all heard it, right? But don't quite know what it means? Though the deepest forms of manifestation have worked for many through the use of crystals and moon phases, it doesn't have to be quite that complicated if you're just starting out. Many forms of manifestation can be very simple and deliver strong results...

It all starts with believing in yourself.

That's right. The number one goal in manifestation is believing in yourself, your dreams, your goals. YOU. You need to believe that you deserve everything you are dreaming of. The largest and most successful companies these days (Disney, I'm looking at you!) were all started by one normal person and their dreams. Nobody is perfect, but we all deserve to follow our paths that lead us to where we want to be. Once you've got that part sorted, the rest is down to sheer determination, hard work, relentless persistence and belief. 

We aren't looking at the negatives here. Sure, maybe you woke up late today, skipped breakfast, didn't make your bed. Maybe you're currently reading this in your pyjamas or yesterday's clothes with your hair on top of your head and sipping your first (second, third...) cup of caffeine. But that. Does. Not. Matter. Your negatives don't define you. We must look at the positive aspects in life and within ourselves in order to manifest properly by making small steps towards our big goals. Let's start at the beginning.

a list containing all the things i like about myself

1. Write down a list of things you LOVE about yourself.

Grab the nearest list pad (if you don't have one nearby, we built this list pad which would work perfectly for this exercise) and write down a few things that you love about yourself. Try to write at least 3. It can be anything from being a decent cook to making the bed all lovely (a la Mrs Hinch!), your kindness, your voice, the way you make a good cuppa - anything! Just write it all down. The goal here is to feel as good about yourself as possible. Hey, if it feels big-headed, just let it happen. This is for your eyes only, so fill that head up with good things. You're allowed to be proud of yourself for the smallest of achievements no matter what they are. This exercise will lay down important ground work if we want to continue to manifest our goals.

2. List what you learned from the previous week.

Find a list and write down everything you learned from the previous week. Did you figure out a new marketing strategy or advertising plan? Did you fix your printer issue? Did you learn something about yourself? No matter how big or small, even if it seems unimportant, write it down here. We are using our Focus & Reflection desk pad for this part of the exercise. You can shop here or use a spare list pad of your own.

pink desk pad for focus and reflection for manifesting your goals and dreams by coconutacha

Now the next part; a different angle. We are asking 'what did you ACHIEVE' last week?

3. Write all the things you achieved last week.

This could be anything from completing orders to getting your first sale - heck, it could even be that you got out of bed and showered! As you start writing, you'll start to feel good about yourself.

4. Would you have done anything differently?

This is where we start to reflect on the week and think about things we would have done differently, if any. Maybe you would've liked to have woken up earlier or done a project slightly differently. Maybe you would’ve scheduled in more self-care time. These must be things that you think would've made a positive impact on your week and things you can implement in your life moving forward. Things like 'I wish I asked that guy out at the bar' won't work here. Re-word it to be 'I wish I took the lead and used my confidence more' - THAT will get you going places!

Okay. So now we know what we like about ourselves. We are feeling good, we've reflected on the last week and we now know things that we can action in order to make this week and the next even better. The next step is to write down our goals. Clearly and concisely. 

goal setting for the week ahead using pink manifesting desk planner by coconutacha

5. What are your goals for this week?

Prioritise your main goals for the week ahead. We find it best to do this on a Sunday night as we wind down. It helps to get your head organised so that you can go to bed without all of these 'to-dos’ running through your mind. Be clear in what you want to achieve for this week and stick to the main, top priority goals. You don't need to write absolutely everything down here (we recommend a longer, more general to-do list  if you'd like to do a brain dump later). If you can, write your most important goal at the top and organise them in order of priority. That way, we can work on the most important goal first which is sure to bring you the greatest reward!

6. Make actionable steps to achieve your goals.

This is the part that everybody usually skips or gives up on because their steps weren't small enough. You need to start small, it's so important! You don't want to overwhelm yourself so much that you end up taking no action at all. A tiny bit of progress is better than none. If your main goal is to lose 5lb (for example), this won't happen overnight. Heck, depending on how you are built it may not happen for a while. But what matters is that you are taking the steps to reaching your goal and being persistent. Small actionable steps will look like eating more vegetables, walking more steps per day, drinking more water etc. In terms of business, if your ultimate goal is to get more sales, your small, actionable steps may look like 'engage with comments on social media more' or 'add a thank you coupon to all orders in the next week' etc. They don't have to be groundbreaking large tasks in order to get what you want. Start small and work your way up from there. One step at a time.

pink desk pad focus and reflection to set goals and plan your business by coconutacha

7. The best part...

THE REWARDS! Yes! This is where your dreams come in. Think about the rewards you’d get if you put all your small steps into action! What is the long-term plan? If you engage more with social media, maybe you'll get better SEO and be shown more in search, leading to attracting a wider audience and potentially more sales! If you want to get better at painting, try practising a simple exercise once a week and you'll see your self gradually improving! Write down ALL of the potential rewards that you can think of if you take your small, actionable steps seriously.

The most important thing? Okay, I know we've said a lot of important things. But aside from belief, the other most important thing is consistency. You cannot expect results in a week (our desk planners and to-do lists have a LOT of pages for this very reason). It will take time. If you keep going and going and going, you’re almost certain to see results! Please don't burn yourself out, though, that's not what we mean here. Just be consistent and show up for yourself. You got this. We got you! Now go out there and show the world who you are.

Tacha xxx

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