New Products & Update – CoconuTacha

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New Products & Update

Hey guys! Long time no speak! I'm back and with a BUNCH of new products in store for Autumn/Winter 2020. What a year this has been, am I right? This year we have seen the rise in postcards, letter-writing and card-sending as we explore new and old ways of communicating with our loved ones. Throughout these unprecedented times of hardship, we have become closer than ever before and I have loved hand writing every single one of your greeting cards purchased in my shops to send to your loved ones.
This week is Thinking of You Week, which seems pretty apt given the circumstances. And whilst it doesn't look like we will be coming out of the other side any time soon, we can hold on to the fact that we are all in this together.
My newest collection was inspired by a city-girl, brunching, sassy boss-lady who has her shit together, but still has compassion. A woman who works hard to achieve her dreams without stomping on anyone else's success. A Queen who fixes other women's crowns instead of putting them down. Now, I know we are not all perfect, but we can certainly try our best. Each of my new greeting cards have a little, uplifting quote on the front. I think we've all gone through tough times, especially this year, and it's always nice to know that someone has our back and we can give our support in return. These cuties can be framed or popped up on the wall to decorate your space after it's served it's purpose as a greeting card! This is what I love most about 'non-occassional' greeting cards.
a5 weekly desk pad
I've also designed an entire new stationery collection based on these designs. With A5 weekly desk pads, to-do lists, monthly calendars, pencils and more! These are now in stock and I can't wait to see all you girl bosses flourish over the next few months. I hope this collection helps and inspires you in the same way it has for me. 
Speak soon!