Staying Organised when Working from Home

Staying Organised when Working from Home

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that working from home can be HARD (all my people who worked from home already pre-covid be like 'hell yeah!'). There are so many distractions, our devices, the fridge, background TV etc. So it can be super hard to stay organised and therefore, motivated. Luckily, I have some top tips and things that can help you streamline your process, and ultimately, become more motivated within your work. So, let's get started!

1. A monthly desk calendar is a MUST!




This is definitely the most important of the basics when it comes to keeping yourself organised and planning your monthly goals. These desk calendars are blank so you can fill in the dates yourself, meaning you can start at any time of the year. No more waiting until the New Year to get your life together! There are 50 luxurious sheets in total and each one can be teared off at the end of the month ready to start fresh in the next. I love jotting down the most important tasks on this calendar, from birthdays to deadlines, appointments and meetings. Paired with some gold foil stickers, it looks super cute on any desk!


2. Want something a little smaller?


gold foil easel desk calendar by coconutacha


If you prefer to take up a little less space on your desk, these super cute gold foiled desk calendars are for you. For those who don't like to jot things down monthly, but still like to know what day of the year it is (is it just me or is it a challenge to know what day it is lately!?) these calendars are perfect. They can be personalised with your name or a short message on the bottom. Personalisation not for you? No worries! They don't have to say anything. Each easel comes with twelve cards, one for each month. Simply recycle the card when the month ends (or keep it forever, if you are sentimental like me).


3. A to-do list. Obviously!


black and white preppy to do list by coconutacha



NOTHING beats an old school to-do list. These days we are lost in technology and yes, you're right, I can just write my to-do list in my phone. But if you're anything like me, you often forget to check your phone's to-do list shortly after you write it and use other apps frequently, meaning the to-so list isn't in front of you reminding you what you should actually be spending your time on. Am I right? Nothing beats an old school to-do list. The act of simply writing down your tasks triggers something in your brain to help you remember your daily tasks much better. And... the ultimate feeling of physically crossing something off the list at the end of the day? Priceless.


4. Ooh, advanced to-do lists!?

advanced to do list by coconutacha stuff to purchase


Yes! More lists! Lists with lists inside them! I'm a sucker for these desk pads which feature multiple sections for different types of lists. Stuff to purchase, notes to remember and important things to do. LOVE. My to-do list can get very muddled up with important things getting lost in between mundane things such as food shopping. Not anymore! This desk pad has separate sections so you can prioritise, separate and organise your list like never before. Who's getting stuff done? That's right, you are!


5. Need more detail?

weekly desk pad calendar to do list by coconutacha


Okay so maybe you need a bit more room to write down those daily tasks one by one and structure your week a little. If your days are super jam packed with smaller tasks, deadlines, meetings, commissions, orders etc. this weekly desk pad is perfect for keeping on top of everything. This beauty can be used at any time of the year as there are no dates pre-written (I love this feature). The page easily peels off at the end of each week so you can start afresh for the next. Simplicity at it's finest!


6. Notes, sketches and more!


grid dotted notepads by coconutacha with gold foil



Perhaps you're more of a sketcher and prefer to sketch your ideas out, taking notes, measurements and visualising things? This dotted grid notepad is perfect to keep all those ideas in one place. At a size of A5, it's perfect to fit into your bag to carry around with you to the office or coffee shop whilst you gather more inspiration. The front is black and white with gold foil, making sure it will look extra cute on your desk whilst you work away.


7. Manifest your dreams...


manifesting desk pad stationery to do list



We are big believers in manifesting over here at CoconuTacha HQ. Taking time to reflect on your achievements and mistakes can be eye-opening and the key to unlocking your goals by taking small, achievable steps. This A5 desk pad is perfect for that, with sections to write down what you are grateful for, what has worked well and why, along with your top goals and how you will work towards achieving them. Complete with a to-do list on the side as well for optimum organisation. Manifesting can be such a powerful motivational tool. If you want to take it to the next step, check out our Manifestation Bundle.


8. Stick stickers on everything!

daily planner stickers for bujo journals by coconutacha


Finding your planner to be a bit dull, lacking creativity and therefor, lacking motivation and the drive to get things done? Jazzing up your planner with super bright, colourful stickers may be the answer. Plus it looks cute. Literally no cons to this! Planner stickers are a cheap, effective way to spruce up your to-do list. Plus, having an awesome planner to look at makes you want to look at it more, thus, helping your memory and focus on the goals you need to achieve. It's a win-win!


9. Want all the stationery but also a good deal?


girl boss stationery bundle desk calendar to do list planner sticker set



Look no further! We have a great bundle deal which includes a monthly calendar, weekly planner and two to-do list versions for your work-from-home lifestyle. Perfect to get you started on your new, organised journey whilst also saving you some pennies.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and took a few tips away with you to get started. Organisation, to-do lists and planning can have such a positive effect on our well-being and motivational state, and all it takes is starting with a simple list.


Tacha xxx

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